Combination Lock with Straight Cable

Combination Lock

Cable Diameter: 10mm (3/8inch)
Cable Length: 5FT, 10FT, 15FT, 25FT
Cable Style: Straight
Materials: Steel
    • Easy to Use Combination Lock - The lock features a convenient combination mechanism that allows you to set your own unique code. No need to worry about carrying keys or losing them; simply remember your personalized combination for quick and hassle-free access.
    • Multipurpose Design - Male end of the cable is designed to fit through narrow and tight spaces making it perfect to secure kayaks and paddle boards and also other common items like scooters, gates, etc
    • Secure Your Bike - Our 3/8" bicycle lock with combination is the perfect bike cable lock solution for securing your bike and keeping it safe from theft. Cable is wrapped with vinyl covering to protect against scratching surfaces.
    • Versatile and flexible - The cable is designed with flexibility in mind. It comes in variety of different length models, allowing you to secure different types of items to fit your needs. Its coil means any unused portion will coil together and not take up additional space.
    • Made With 7 Braided Steel - Our lock for bike is made of heavy-duty 7 braided steels to deter theft, providing you with peace of mind. Now in straight cable!

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