Tire liner

Bike Tire Liner

Fits Tire Size: 24"-26" / 27.5"-29" / 700C
Materials: TPU
    • Prevent Flats - Protects your bike's tubes from punctures caused by road and trail debris such as glass, thorns, and nails. This preventative measure can save you money on tube replacements over the lifespan of your tire..
    • Quality You Can Trust - Crafted from high-quality TPU material that is puncture-resistant, our liners have a thicker center for enhanced puncture resistance. Additionally, the edge are tapered and rounded off on the edges to prevent puncturing the tube.
    • Fits Between Tire and Tube - Easy to install. Simply deflate the inner tube and slide the liner on the tire's inner surface and reinstall tube and inflate.
    • 2 Tire Liners Per Box - Each box comes with 2 Tire Liners.
    • Fits Most Bike Tire Sizes - Our liners come in a range of sizes that can fit most wheel dimensions, including BMX wheels(24”-26”), MTB wheels (27.5”-29”), and road wheels (700C).

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