Handlebar Tape with Oil Slick Surface and Peak Patterned Design

PU grip with oil slick surface and embossed Peak pattern
Soft, lightweight and flexible texture
Length 210cm* Width 3cm (Thickness 2.5mm)
Black plastic bar end plugs and finishing tape included

    • OIL SLICK IS THE NEW BLACK - Bling your bike with the oil slick surface with Peak patterned design offers grip and bar tape like no other
    • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE – Layered tape with padded shock absorbing base material creates cushion and added comfort during long bicycle rides while delivering exceptional grips
    • LIGHT AND FLEXIBLE - Lightweight flexible material wraps bar surface for perfectly wrapped handlebars, aerobars or bullhorn
    • WEAR RESISTANT - Designed for comfort and performance without sacrificing durability or steering, perfect for road bikes or any discipline of cycling with drop bar
    • EASY INSTALLATION - Perfect amount of stretch and padded foam backing for easy installation and reinstallation and includes handle bar end plugs and matching textured finishing tape

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