August 29, 2021 3 min read

With outdoor activities being limited due to the pandemic, health enthusiasts have turned indoors to maintain the same level of fitness. This makes indoor cycling one of the best choices to stay fit nowadays.

Indoor cycling helps you burn fat, improve your circulation, and build your muscle endurance. It’s a holistic workout that affects multiple systems in your body. Each session will leave you with a steady stream of feel-good endorphins.

If you’ve been practicing indoor cycling for some time, it is quite natural to seek ways to improve your performance. Aside from your equipment, you might have also wondered if changing its accessories would make a difference. And so, you might have wondered if changing the pedals would be a wise move.

Choosing the right pedal can make the most of each cycling session. Pairing the right pedal with the right footwear leaves you with a more comfortable, efficient, and safer ride! You might also notice a degree of improvement in your power and endurance. The right pedal when combined with the appropriate footwear may help foster a better connection with your bike.

 MARQUE - Toe Cage

So, we came up with a list of the common types of pedals for indoor cycling:

1. Flat or Platform Pedals

These are the most common types and one doesn’t have to be imaginative to figure out what they look like. If you’ve seen a bike before, the usual pedal that comes along with it is what a flat or platform pedal looks like.

A flat pedal would appear to be the most comfortable pedal, but once you’ve tried out toe clip pedals and clipless pedals, you’ll find them less superior.


2. Toe Clip Pedals

MARQUE - Exercise Pedals

Introduced during the 20th century, toe clip pedals were invented to give bike racers a better alternative to conserve their energy so that they would have more left in the ‘tank’ at crucial racing moments.

Toe clips are attached at the front of a pedal. A frame (made of steel or nylon) covers the top of the shoe towards your ankle. A strap is also added to snuggly secure your foot to the pedal.

Toe clips are more energy-efficient than regular platform pedals as riders no longer have to put an added effort to avoid their foot from slipping off the pedal. With the toe clips and straps, they can exert as much force as they want without worrying about slipping.


3. Clipless Pedals

MARQUE - Duo Pedals / MARQUE - Exercise Pedals

Clipless pedals are a modern iteration of platform pedals but are made smaller, and more energy-efficient. As ironic as it sounds, clipless pedals function by allowing your shoe to “clip in.” Thus, similar to a toe clip pedal, it allows your foot to be connected securely to the pedal.

As a biker, you can exert as much force as you want without having to worry about your foot slipping. Unlike the pedals aforementioned, which are basically universal, clipless pedals comes in different shapes and sizes from various different brands each with their own strengths and draw backs. 


4. Hybrid Pedals

Hybrid pedals are technically just double-sided pedals. One side is an ordinary platform pedal while the other side has a toe clip in it. This is best if you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to change their bike’s pedal now and again.


We don’t have a specific recommendation on which pedal you should choose. That choice depends on your preference and what works best for you. If you aim to be more energy-efficient though, you might want to check out the toe clip pedals first before jumping directly to the clipless ones.

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