Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

Tubeless Bike Tire Repair Kit

Storage canister includes:
  • Tire insertion tool
  • Tire reamer
  • 5pcs ‘Bacon’ strips, 0.06 inches / 1.5mm thickness for smaller punctures
  • 5pcs ‘Black’ strips, 0.14 inches / 3.5mm for larger punctures
Dimensions: 3.15inch / 8cm (length) x 1.14inch / 2.9cm (diameter)
Weight: 63.5g (2.2oz)
  • TUBELESS TIRE ESSENTIALS – Must have tubeless tire repair kit to keep you riding. Tubeless sealant alone can’t seal every puncture. Sometimes you need more surface area to seal the hole. Tubeless tool helps insert plugs to help sealants clog up puncture
  • QUICK AND EASY PUNCTURE REPAIR – Save your ride in 5 easy steps. 1) Find the puncture 2) Rim and sand sides of puncture 3) Choose the appropriate strips and run it through the insertion fork 4) Insert the plug at a straight angle into the puncture. 5) Pull the plugger tool out slowly, which will leave the plug in the tire. 6) Shorten the excess plug from tire surface if needed
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighing in at only 63.5 grams / 2.2 oz, and precision CNC machined storage capsule, it is small enough to leave it in the back of your saddle bags without taking up too much space. Each tool comes with: 5 “Bacon” strips (0.06 inches / 1.5mm thick) for smaller punctures and 5 “Black” strips (0.14 inches / 3.5mm thick) for larger punctures
  • WORKS WITH WIDE RANGE OF TUBELESS TIRES – No matter what kind of bike you have: Gravel, Mountain, Road, Hybrid, E-bikes or Fat bikes, this tool works with your tubeless tire


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