Comfort Handlebar Grip 

Material: TPR rubber
Compatible with twist shifter
Length: 130mm
Inner Diameter: 20.5mm

    • UNIQUE GRIP PATTERN AND COMPOUND – Special non-slip TPR rubber combined with unique pattern on grip surface absorbs shock. Mini grid like pattern sitting underneath riders' palms increases traction and grip for riders, giving riders better grip and handling even when riding without gloves.
    • COMPATIBLE WITH TWIST SHIFTER – Compatible with both standard and twist shifters. Simply cut on the indentation on right-side grip to convert from standard to twist shifters.
    • COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC WINGED SHAPE GRIP – Grip shape designed to increase contact surface area for hand placement and support the wrist when holding onto the grip. Optimized hand placement distributes pressure from the fingers to the palms of the hand, reducing fatigue after long hours of riding.
    • FITS MOST FLAT BAR BIKES – Grip designed to fit most standard straight handlebar bicycle or handlebars with outer diameter of 20-23mm. Will fit on standard MTB, e-bikes and commuter bikes.
    • SIMPLE DESIGN – Quick and easy installation. Simply slide them on and it's ready!

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