Air Jet Max

Air Jet Max CO2 Inflator

1pc insulated sleeve included
Weight: 38g (1.3oz)
  • RELIABLE INFLATION - Fix your flat and inflate tires in seconds with your CO2 cartridge with the Air Jet Max pump designed with compatible valve head threads onto either Presta & Schrader valves with no valve head switching needed
  • SMALL, COMPACT AND PRECISE – Knurled control knob makes it easy to control the rate of CO2 released into bike tire. At only 1.3 ounces, it is a stylish and compact CO2 inflator. Perfect for stowing away in your saddle bag or cycling jersey pockets. Perfect addition to any bicycle repair kit
  • SAFE & SECURE CONNECTION WITH NO LEAKS – Inflator head designed for ANY size of threaded CO2 cartridges (16g, 20g & 25g). Neoprene Foam sleeve (for 16g cartridges only) included to prevent frost bite when operating
  • PRECISION MACHINED WITH QUALITY PARTS – Quality aluminum alloy paired with precision CNC machining creates durable and precise product


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