Pro Tire Levers

Pro Bike Tire Levers

Materials: nylon reinforced with fiberglass
Handy and ergonomic shape
Unique clip design for narrow tires (tire width less than 25mm)
Weight: 52g (1.8oz)/ set

  • USE ON CARBON OR ALLOY RIMS – Levers made with fiberglass reinforced nylon that prevents scratching and damaging carbon rim surfaces when replacing tires.
  • UNIQUE TWO IN ONE CLIP DESIGN – Larger tire lever’s chamfered tip is designed to pry and install tires easily and smoothy. If you can’t mount your tires back on the rim, the lever also has an unique “bead jack” design that helps mountain narrow tires (width less than 25mm) easier.
  • SPOKE HOOK DESIGN – Smaller detachable lever also comes with chamfered tip to hook on the spoke. Easily inserted under the bead to keep the lever in place while using the second larger lever.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Levers are designed with non-slip grip, which helps you replace your tires with confidence.
  • PORTABLE & EASY TO STORE – Convenient to bring and store as 2 levers snapped together into 1 set. A must-have tire removal and repair tool for any cyclist.

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