Waterproof Dry Bag

Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

Capacity: 20L
Color: Black / Blue / Red
    • WATERPROOF PROTECTION FROM THE ELEMENTS – Keep your valuables dry on a wet rainy hike or active dusty bike trip. 70D Nylon Fabric laminated with TPU waterproof coating and double stitched and welded seams for waterproof coverage. Secure Hypalon / Neoprene roll-top closure creates water tight seal to keep valuables from water, snow, mud and dirt
    • STOP CARRYING UNWANTED AIR – Don’t bring a balloon dry bag on your next hike. Patented air release valve releases built-up air from ballooning the dry bag during storing. Simply store your belongings and compress by pressing down after closing the top. Oval shaped base with flat side reduces storage size compared to round dry sacks, saving valuable and much needed space
    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE – Weighing on at 98 grams, it is lightweight as well as durable. Welded seems and double stitch increases durability and prevents water from entering through the seams
    • VERSATILE – Pack day trip essentials like clothes, shoes, bath towels, food container and other small items. 20L volume is big enough to carry most gears for a day trip. 3/4" side squeeze buckle with D ring attachment, closure with oval shaped, non-rolling bottom keeps the bag in place. Easy to store and stow away when not in use
    • EASY TO USE AND STOW AWAY – Using the bag is super easy and fast. Simply put your belongings in the bag and roll down tightly 3 to 5 times and plug buckle to complete seal. Push down on the bag to compress the bag and push out unwanted air and space

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